The Most Visited Cities in 2013


It’s taken 13 years since MasterCard Global Destination Cities Index to have an Asian city, but it has finally happened. Bangkok, Thailand, has been named as the No. 1 destination this year.

The index looks at what cities people are more likely to visit for a number of reasons, including how that particular city is developing, increased air travel opportunities and other factors. London, UK, was the runner up, losing its title to Bangkok, which obviously benefited from Hangover II but you can read more about it above.

As Asia undergoes continued economic growth, it’s likely to continue to include many of the world’s most visited cities. And for those rooting for the USA, only two cities made the list — New York City and Los Angeles, and really, we’re not sure either of those places deserve a spot.

The full list follows and includes expected number of visitors:

1. Bangkok, 15.98 mil

2. London,15.96 mil

3. Paris, 13.92 mil
4. Singapore, 11.75 mil
5.New York, 11.52 mil
6. Istanbul, 10.37 mil
7. Dubai, 9.89 mil
8. Kuala Lumpur, 9.20 mil
9. Hong Kong, 8.72 mil
10. Barcelona, 8.41 mil
11. Seoul, 8.19 mil
12. Milan, 6.83 mil
13. Rome, 6.71 mil
14. Shanghai, 6.50 mil
15. Amsterdam, 6.35 mil
16. Tokyo, 5.80 mil
17. Vienna, 5.37 mil
18. Taipei, 5.19 mil
19. Riyadh, 5.05 mil
20. Los Angeles, 4.84 mil

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