takes the money and runs

Possession is 9/10ths of the law.

Especially when it comes to money. In the case of Hipster Travel Guide, one of our vendors was, an online company that bought up words on your site and turned those into little tiny ads.

The way it works is that they paid HTG a daily rate and the site kept some of its code in the background, allowing the ads to be placed. Readers might then click on those ads and AdBeans customers would sell stuff. Basic Consumerism 101.

However, after the big fail of HTG, all of that code was lost, the ads should have (and have stopped.) And when I went to empty the account — basically transfering 200 pounds (they’re UK based), sent me the following note.

I’m not so much upset over the fact that Adbeans discontinued this program, or I won’t get any money from them. I don’t really get much money from any ad people, but I include them because they make the site look sharper.

But I have a tough time believing that really stopped using the program 18 months ago and was continuing to pay people for them. (If this is the case, Adbeans must have some severe accounting problems. They also got my site wrong in the note.

Here it is.

Hello Scott Burgess ,

 Hope this email finds you well.

 We have noticed that you recently withdrew money from Unfortunately, our system shows that your site – is no longer displaying any ads for Adbeans. I am afraid we stopped using Single Slot and ads a while ago (end of 2011/start of 2012) and did not put any ads on your site. So you have some pages with the code on but no ads on them. We contacted all publishers to inform them about this and to advise them to remove Adbeans plugin or code from their sites. You should have received an email from our team. Due to a system glitch your account was automatically topped up but no ads were showing on your sites. Our company has lost quite a bit of money due to this glitch. Therefore, unfortunately we will not be able to pay your recent withdrawal.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our support team on

Kind Regards,
Shubhada Shetty
Finance Executive

About the author

Scott is the executive editor of Hipster Travel Guide. During the day, he's a journalist in Detroit.