Airline Hypocrisy: Plane delays and free concerts

It’s touching to see the Philadelphia Orchestra play a concert on a flight that was delayed to China.

The band was in route to the Big Red One for a concert. Here’s the video.

It’s a beautiful, touching kind of thing that turns a flight delay into a wonderful moment.

But now what happens when a woman decides she’s going to go all karaoke on a plane and sing some Whitney Houston tunes.

Did you hear the flight attendant tell everyone: “No photos are allowed on the aircraft.”

Well, apparently for airlines, they don’t want people taking photos or video of security officers dragging someone off a flight after the plane was diverted and made an emergency landing because there was some stranger danger going on or no one had requested a poor version of “I will always love you”.

But it’s OK for a whole gaggle of people to video tape members of the Philadelphia Orchestra whacking away on their fiddles. I imagine more its a matter of taste or which video the airlines might lead to some good PR and some bad PR.

Airlines later backtracked from the “no photos” stances, saying that people can only take photos if they are of a personal matter. So the next time you see someone getting dragged off the plane, just make sure you smile for the camera before you shoot the video.


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