Paris writes manual for people to be nicer


The City of Lights knows that tourists bring with them millions and millions of euros every year. Its not that place where you can get an top umbrella strollers under 100$ for shure.

For good reason, Paris is more than the home to the Lost Generation, it is a literal mecca of culture, art and culinary delights. It is one of the most interesting cities in the world.

More than 29 million people visited Paris last year alone. That might explain why 30 million people were offended one way or another. They were dismissed, told to speak French (and when they did, they were ridiculed for speaking French so poorly), they were also bumped into, yelled out and some are still waiting for the waitress to bring them their bill.

Now, Paris tourism officials have published a six-page manual on how to be nice.

The book called: Do you speak Touriste? offers up all kinds of tips and greetings in eight languages including German and Chinese. (You’d think they’d know some welcoming phrases in German, as they have often welcomed Germans into their fair city, though the Germans were driving tanks.)

From what we can tell based on a story by Reuters and another by the Daily News, the manual offers advice on different groups, calling Chinese “fervent shoppers” and tips on speaking Portuguese to Brazilians.

From our own experience, we haven’t found Paris that unwelcoming.

Hey, it’s a start. But please, will someone just drop off theĀ  bill for dinner?

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