TSA save us from terrorists and bad fashion

Not only will a TSA officer check your idea, feel your sensitive spots and generally give you a difficult

time if you say or do anything wrong, they are now offering conservative fashion tips.

In a recent incident a 15-year-old girl wearing black tights and a long flannel shirt was told “to cover yourself” with the implication that she was a floozie.

The sexist and idiotic remark as caught fire on the Internet with stories running on A is for and Jezebel, all correctly pointing out what Boing Boing founder first said (it was his 15-year-old daughter who was told she was wearing an inappropriate outfit). Click on that link to see the photo that was sent around the twitterverse shortly after the incident.

While the TSA may want to be our parent, it’s not. It needs to spend its time conducting its security theater instead of deciding what attire we should be wearing to the event. Silliness.

Feel safer?


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Scott is the executive editor of Hipster Travel Guide. During the day, he's a journalist in Detroit.