Egypt stays on US travel advisory list


Riots, protesting and general mayhem has taken its toll on travel to Egypt (a place we would love to go to).

Sadly, though, we’re still staying away from the land of Pharoes, following the advice of many Western governments. The United States still lists Egypt as a place to visit only if travel is essential. Britain also warns would be tourists to stay away for the time being.

We are certainly in no position to advice otherwise, though we have traveled to dangerous places in the past. The thing to remember is that Westerners will stand out in big crowds and playing it safe is probably the best thing to do during these current dangerous times. Just this past weekend people were killed during the protests and, worse yet, both sides seem to have much different versions of what happened.

Plus, there’s plenty of other places to visit in the meantime.

Here’s the State Department’s travel warning.

Here’s the State Department’s most recent announcement, reminding people in Egypt to have specific security plans and be prepared.

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