Hipster Travel Guide is a travel-related website. It is owned and operated by Hipster Travel Guide LLC, based in Michigan.

Our goal is simply to tell you about travel deals, tell you about some of our travels and have fun along the way. We are, in fact, not really hipsters, though we have a few tattoos and occasionally enjoy things that are ironic — but mostly because it’s ironic.

Who we are:



Scott Burgess

Executive Editor

Scott is a journalist with 20 years experience. He lived in Germany for a total of seven years and has traveled extensively through Europe and the Middle East, where he worked as a war corespondent for five years. He now lives in Detroit where he works for an automotive magazine as its Detroit Editor. He always opts out at the airport.



Vikki Stenstream


Vikki is an experienced traveler, writer, and budding photographer. She has traveled to Asia more times than she count and is always looking for the next great adventure.


Want to join the team? We’re always looking for budding writers and have even helped at least one person launch their career as a travel writer. (We’re very humble at HTG.)

Editorial policy

All of our opinions are our own. Even if someone puts on a flight and sends us to some fancy place, we’ll call it like we see it and nothing is going to change that. We may have fun, and make fun of things, but nothing will change our principles.


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